White Punks on Dope

April 17th, 2020 + 1:04 AM  ·  yokoinc

Back in the mid 70s I had a friend , a great guitarist & cinematographer who arrived back in Australia from a few years in the U.S . .Before flying back to Australia he'd spent some months enjoying  a good old  "Rocky Mountain High"with all the bells and whistles.The night before flying back his friend popped him some peyote buttons and took him to a concert , "you have experience this band before you leave ". The band was The Tubes .He arrived back in Oz and promptly checked himself into another retreat to recover .He was fine and proceeded to enjoy a brilliant career and enlightened life he credits the Tubes  White Punks On Dope.

Lowrider Isolation

March 20th, 2020 + 10:03 PM  ·  yokoinc

Fill the tank and hit the road Self isolation bumpin big beat wheels turning  .

Quick Joey Small

January 23rd, 2020 + 6:01 PM  ·  yokoinc

Cover of  Kasenetz-Katz bubblegum 1960s hit always loved it had to do it .Run Joey Joey Run .Hope it lights up your day.

Detective Harada Koya Sun

January 1st, 2020 + 4:01 AM  ·  yokoinc

Detective Harada called in on  the case of the elusive White Tiger gang and their smuggling activities  at a remote abandoned WW2 air field .Danger lurks at every turn but Harada uncovers  something else , something ancient ,something Alien .Good Luck

Toki Toki Time

July 11th, 2018 + 1:07 AM  ·  yokoinc

In old Japan Villages ran on Toki Toki Time , length of days and time at work determined seasonally by available sunlight . They also used Shamisen players to estimate time ,many players blind but they played  songs whilst others worked the fields.A time when our lives were in synch with the movement of seasons the earth Sun and Moon .
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